more than Belgium’s GDP)

While Apple is at odds with several developers, including the Fortnite video game developer, its model is increasingly being questioned. Unlike Android, iOS doesn’t let you install apps that aren’t in the App Store. In addition, the Cupertino-based company charges a commission of 30%, which its critics consider excessive, on transactions between users and app developers.

To defend this model, the Cupertino company invokes security and also relies on economic data. In fact, hundreds of billions of dollars are generated every year thanks to the App Store.

In June 2020, the company released the results of a study that found the business generated $ 519 billion in bills the previous year. And this week, a new Analysis Group study for Apple reveals the economic weight of the app store in 2020.

“Apple today announced that the App Store ecosystem generated $ 643 billion in bills and sales in 2020, up 24% year over year. An independent study by economists at Analysis Group found that developers who sell goods and services in many categories grow their business while reaching customers around the world. App makers have used their creativity and passion to help people stay connected, healthy, and entertained, while the App Store has played a crucial supportive role in adapting developers to the challenges of the Cupertino companies in the world a press release.

Apple wants to make it clear that its model enables developers to get rich

While Facebook accuses Facebook of undermining the economic recovery of SMEs, Apple insisted that these small businesses have benefited from the app store’s growing economic weight. In fact, a quarter of small developers who sell goods and services through the App Store have seen average growth of more than 25% in their sales, according to the Cupertino company.

Additionally, Apple states that this app store enabled these companies to reach an international audience. The number of these small businesses is said to have increased by 40% since 2015 and today they make up more than 90% of App Store developers.

By Apple’s definition, a “small” developer is a company that makes less than a million dollars a year. In addition, Apple has launched a program called the App Store Small Business Program for developers who meet this criterion. For eligible developers, the commission charged by the App Store increases to 15% instead of the normally charged 30%.

Apple has already mentioned the jobs created in France thanks to the App Store

In order to defend the App Store and the closed model of iOS, Apple has already mentioned the jobs generated. The business supports more than 250,000 jobs in France, an annual increase of 6%, according to a release by the company in March. In Europe there would be 1.7 million jobs, with an estimated increase of 7%.

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