the end of 100% teleworking is planned for September

The pandemic has forced many companies to generalize about teleworking. And while a return to normal is finally taking shape thanks to vaccinations, some organizations may still allow their employees to work from home.

But Apple is not one of those companies. And obviously the Cupertino company is considering returning its employees to the office as early as September.

In any case, this points to the page The Verge, which indicates that he was able to access a letter from Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, to the employees of the company. Essentially, Apple wants employees to work on its premises starting September.

“In all that we could achieve while many of us were apart, the truth was that we were missing something essential last year: each other,” said this letter from Tim Cook. “Video conferencing has, of course, reduced the distance between us, but there are things that simply cannot be duplicated. “

Most Apple employees would come to the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but would have the option to telework the other two days of the week. And for teams that have to work on site, 100% face to face, of course. Tim Cook is also said to have encouraged Apple employees to get vaccinated.

A less flexible policy than Google’s?

For its part, Google had also envisaged a hybrid model comparable to Apple, in which employees can telecommunicate on certain days of the week. But in the end, Mountain View would have opted for a more flexible policy. Google would now expect 60% of its employees to work on-site on certain days of the week, while 20% work on-site every day and 20% work from home every day.

Facebook and Twitter are even cheaper for teleworking. As early as 2020, these two companies announced that they would allow their employees to telework indefinitely if possible.

“We were uniquely positioned to respond quickly and give employees the ability to work from home as we value decentralization and the support of a distributed workforce that can work from anywhere. The last few months have proven that we can do it. So if our employees have a role and a situation that allows them to work from home and they want to do it forever, we will achieve it. Otherwise, our offices will themselves be warm and welcoming, with some extra precautions if we feel safe return is possible, ”Twitter said a year ago.

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