The new Windows will be presented on June 24th

After the launch of Windows 10 in July 2015, it is time for Microsoft to introduce the next generation. In May, the Redmond company had already teased this new “Windows generation” during the Build 2021 conference.

Redmond CEO Satya Nadella said, “Soon we will be releasing one of the most important Windows updates of the last decade to open up greater economic opportunities for developers and developers. I’ve hosted it myself for the past few months and I’m incredibly excited about the next generation of Windows. Our promise to you is: Today we are creating more opportunities for every Windows developer and we welcome every developer looking for the most innovative, new and open platform to build, distribute and monetize applications. We look forward to sharing more soon. “

And today we have a date. In fact, Microsoft has just invited the press to a presentation that will take place on June 24th.

Note that this is not Windows 10X. This operating system, which Microsoft developed for dual-screen tablets, was eventually scrapped. Still, there’s a good chance some elements of Windows 10X are in the version of Windows for computers.

Windows 11 or just Windows?

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t say more at the moment. But in an article published this week, the Zdnet site states that the Redmond-based company will usually introduce a new “twist” of Windows that won’t be a simple major update to Windows 10.

Microsoft has not yet given a name, but this new variant could be called Windows 11 or just Windows. It is said to benefit from visual improvements as part of the “Sun Valley” project, better compatibility with touchscreens and a more consumer (but not business) -oriented design.

This new variant of Windows is likely to coexist with Windows 10 for a long time to come. But of course these are just hypotheses at the moment, so caution is always advised.

In any case, Microsoft could stimulate the PC market by introducing this new Windows variant, while we are already seeing an increase in sales by manufacturers due to the massive use of teleworking and distance learning.

In 2020, global PC shipments rose 13.1%, according to IDC data. The last time comparable growth was observed was in 2010.

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