the same for half the price

A year after the first Pixel Buds were released, Google is back with new wireless headphones, the Pixel Buds A-series. After all, behind this name is a strategy that has already proven itself in the smartphone market. The “A” versions of the Pixels still offer an experience close to the premium version while at a much more interesting price point.

For its Pixel Buds A series, Google uses the strengths of the Pixel Buds. Google Assistant (for Android users), on-the-fly translations, sound customization, most of the features that impressed us during our Pixel Buds review are still there.

The form factor does not change and they sit perfectly in the ear thanks to their stabilizing arch. The ambient sound vent avoids the feeling of clogged ears, while the Pixel Buds A-series are in-ear headphones. We tested them for several days and found the Pixel Buds to be comfortable.

In the end, the compromises with this A-series are few. The case and the headphones do not have the same matte texture, but are still pleasant to use. The volume control via gestures is no longer in the game, but you can increase or decrease the sound with the Google Assistant.

The case allows a total autonomy of 24 hours and the two headphones can listen for up to 5 hours. Fast charging is still there, you can restore 3 hours of listening by putting the headphones in their cases for 15 minutes. The only thing missing from the first generation Pixel Buds is wireless charging of the box.

A price divided by two

The great strength of this Pixel Buds A-series is its price. They’re being sold by Google for $ 99, up from $ 199 for the first-generation Pixel Buds. The few compromises are largely offset by this price divided by two. The Pixel Buds A-series offers excellent value for money.

They work with all devices that offer a Bluetooth connection. So you can use them with an iPhone or PC, but you will lose most of the smart features like bass enhancement, Google Assistant, or adaptive volume. On Android, the experience is ideal.

They are IPX4 certified, so splash-proof, but no longer immersion. Google has just started reservations on its official website, in France only the white version is currently available.

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