Why does Apple prescribe a snooze duration of 9 minutes for the iPhone?

In French, the term “snooze” means a nap. This is what you do in the morning when you want to snooze your alarm clock, take a nap. But strangely enough, this sleep raven varies depending on the smartphone.

On Android you can choose multiple durations of 5, 10 or even 15 minutes, while the snooze function on iPhone is 9 minutes by default. Why 9 minutes and not 10? Or 5? Or 7? There are several possible reasons, according to the Apple Explained YouTube channel.

Two hypotheses stand out

First, in traditional watchmaking, slumber time is 9 minutes, and Apple is known for strictly following the codes of early watchmakers. It is still unclear today why watchmakers set the snooze function to 9 minutes, but Apple reportedly chose to follow that standard. Watch specialists were even invited to the stage at the presentation of the various Apple Watch models.

I take this opportunity to share with you the reason the IV is registered as IIII on traditional watches:

There is a second hypothesis in the video, but it seems unlikely. According to Apple Explained, it would have been easier for developers to use the number 9 instead of 10. An explanation that is difficult to understand when we know the broad skills of the developers who work for Apple. The first explanation seems to be more in line with the real reason for this default, in our opinion.

Whatever the reason, iPhone users are forced to rely on a 9-minute snooze feature, obviously with the option to delay the ringtone multiple times, which is not highly recommended between us. However, there is a solution to fix the problem … switch to Android.

Fortunately for the believers of the Cupertino company, there are a variety of alarm clock applications that allow you to adjust the snooze setting to your liking.

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