Will Huawei launch the ugliest smartphone of 2021 with the P50?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard too much about Huawei’s cellular division, which is still subject to U.S. sanctions from the former Trump administration. In June of this year, however, the manufacturer decided to go on the offensive and introduce its Harmony OS operating system for smartphones.

This time, Huawei decided to replace Android with its own operating system, which will gradually reach a hundred models. Huawei took advantage of this announcement and also gave a first glimpse of its next flagship: the Huawei P50 series.

In the first half of 2020, Huawei could no longer use the official Android version offered by Google. Even so, he was able to manufacture smartphones with the open source version of the operating system without any problems.

No date yet due to US sanctions

Today the situation is different. In fact, the US announced new sanctions targeting Huawei’s supply chain. In addition, Huawei admitted during its conference that, for these reasons, it is not yet possible to say when the P50 series will be launched. But in any case, the manufacturer has signaled that it will find a solution to bring this new flagship generation onto the market.

Meanwhile, Huawei is teasing and revealing the design of the back of the P50. And as the rumors suggested, the camera module in this new series will have a new, very special design: two circles in which the photo sensors are grouped. The visual shared by Huawei also shows us that this camera module on the P50 will be an imposing size.

Huawei P50 series with monstrous camera module 🔥 pic.twitter.com/nslQ2ofUEE

– TechDroider (@techdroider) June 2, 2021

It’s not certain that this design will suit everyone, but in terms of performance, Huawei definitely promises us not to disappoint. No features are currently known. But the manufacturer promises that behind this “iconic” design there is a series of sensors that “will take mobile photography to a new level. “

While waiting for the P50’s release, Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra will be the king of the mobile photo and video king if Huawei manages to find a solution to its supply chain problems, which is positioned ahead of Huawei’s Huawei Mate.40 Pro + .

It should also be noted that the camera module on this Xiaomi smartphone is not very subtle either (as it even contains a small secondary screen for selfies). We already had the opportunity to test the Mi 11 Ultra. And while we were very happy with the performance of this device, we were a bit confused by the design of the back.

Unfortunately, with the advancement of mobile photo and video technologies, you have to get used to the fact that sensors take up more space on the back of smartphones. According to the images leaked online, Google’s Pixel 6 could also have a prominent camera module!

By the way, if the Pixel 6 looked like this (source: @jon_prosser), would you be tempted or not?
Small poll in the following tweet 👇😉

And you would be more 6 or 6 Pro (bigger)? # Googlepixel6 # GooglePixel6Pro pic.twitter.com/VFLi3r32TG

– Alex Reframe (@AlexReframe) May 15, 2021

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