Apple’s AirPower is not dead (this is not a joke)

Remember that in September 2017, Apple made official a brand new device alongside its new iPhone 8 and iPhone X lineups: AirPower. A dock that can wirelessly charge no fewer than three Apple devices, namely a watch, AirPods headphones, and an iPhone. However, as of June 2021, Apple’s AirPower has not yet been marketed …

Is AirPower still in the back of Apple’s mind?

In fact, after many rumors about the cancellation of this AirPower in March 2019, Apple finally announced the cancellation of the project. The official thesis is that the AirPower caused too many engineering concerns, with many flaws, but also (and most importantly) a serious overheating concern. In 2020, Apple launched its iPhone 12 range and, in the absence of AirPower, its MagSafe range.

According to Mark Gurman, however, Apple would not have given up the idea of ​​one day launching its AirPower for Bloomberg. The latter suggests that tests are still being carried out on the Cupertino side to finally try to develop this charging station, which it seems will never be marketed.

In addition to an AirPower charging station, Apple is also said to be working internally on new alternative wireless charging methods, including remote charging. Remember that some manufacturers have already announced such a technology, such as Xiaomi. A Mi Air Charge technology that makes it possible to charge a smartphone remotely without the slightest cable or assistance.

It now remains to be seen what happens to Apple and whether the Californian manufacturer uses the announcement of its future iPhone 13 series to bring a new charging system onto the market. Regarding remote wireless charging, MacRumors said, “It will likely be a few years before we see new long-range wireless charging technology from Apple.”

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