How PES 2022 wants you to forget about FIFA 22 on PS5

At the end of the year Konami will of course offer players its vision of virtual football with a new PES 2022. A few days ago, Play magazine was able to discuss with the series producer Seitaro Kimura, who did not hide his admiration for the performance of the PS5.

On the way to a “photo-realistic” PES 2022?

“The performance of the PS5 is incredible and while we’ve benefited from it, we’ve mastered a lot of challenges and feel like we’re gradually getting closer to the next level,” he explains. Nevertheless, it will be difficult for the same Seitaro Kimura to reach the next level, as the latter is in search of the ultimate “photorealism”, that is, an exact transcription in the game, what reality offers us. If the interview concerns the PS5, of course, it goes without saying that this long-dreamed-of photo-realism could also be realized on the Xbox Series X. No jealousy.


Keep in mind that in 2020 Konami was happy to offer an “update” version of their soccer game rather than an actual new work. In 2022, the PES saga will see a minor revolution as the game abandons the Fox Engine graphics engine to switch to the Unreal Engine.

As of now, Konami has not yet formalized this new PES 2022, but there is no doubt the publisher should take advantage of the E3 / Summer Game Fest madness next week to deliver an initial trailer or even an initial gameplay sequence of the new one PES. The saga’s producer made no secret of his enthusiasm for the Unreal Engine, suggesting that it “improves the speed of production and the skills of individual designers, and reaps many other benefits.”

It remains to be seen whether Konami will finally manage to restore the image of its PES saga that chained the iconic games on PlayStation and then on PS2 before gradually sinking into indifference in the face of a FIFA that, on the contrary, has regained its superb superiority Years. Now to see if this new PES 2022 will pass the future FIFA 2022 for a Ligue 2 title.

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