Soon an Android application for the AirTag

In April, Apple finally unveiled the AirTag during its Spring Loaded event (at which the company also showcased the new iPad Pro as well as the iMac M1). Rumor has it that the AirTag is an object locator beacon that works more or less like Tile products.

When the AirTag is close to the user, they can find the item on their iPhone using Bluetooth and UWB technologies. And when the AirTag is out of range, it sends out a bluetooth signal that is recognized by other Apple devices (other users) and then the location is relayed to the owner.

Of course, the AirTag was developed for users of Apple products. And the only interaction between the beacon and an Android device is via NFC technology. Essentially, if a person finds a lost AirTag and doesn’t have an iPhone, they can synchronize an Android smartphone’s NFC module with the AirTag’s to help the owner find their device.

An Android app so you don’t get spied on with an AirTag

But soon there will also be an Android app for the AirTag. This prevents Android smartphone users from using Apple’s tag, but those who install this app can be notified if someone tries to track them with an AirTag.

In fact, Apple doesn’t want the AirTag to be used to spy on people. For example, the Cupertino company has provided a function that warns an iOS user if someone else’s AirTag is following him.

And so that people who do not use iOS can also enjoy the same anti-spy functionality, Apple is developing an Android app that offers the same protection. The company announced this to the media at In other words, if you are scared of being spied on with an AirTag, all you have to do is install this Apple app on your Android smartphone.

Apple is also reviewing AirTag’s behavior

But that’s not all. To prevent the AirTag from being hijacked into spy devices, Apple is also updating its beacon to change its operation.

An AirTag only plays a tone before the update if it has been separated from its owner for three days and if it is on the move. So if you are not using an updated iPhone or using an Android smartphone, you will not be notified that you are being tracked by an AirTag until after these three days.

What changes is that after the update has been rolled out, the AirTags play a sound at a randomly selected time after 8-24 hours of separation. This should increase the likelihood that a person being spied on with an AirTag will be alerted by a sound if they cannot receive a notification on their smartphone (because it doesn’t use iOS or because it doesn’t use a current operating system version).

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