This new feature will change your life

Mark Zuckerberg was recently invited to the media WABetaInfo in an interview with Will Cathcart, the CEO of WhatsApp. The founder of Facebook took the opportunity to test new functions for the service.

When our colleagues asked about multi-device support that WhatsApp could provide, he wanted to be very clear: “You’re coming soon”. Specifically, you can use instant messaging on your computer or tablet without an active internet connection on your smartphone. This is good news for everyone, and especially iPad owners, who have not yet benefited from a dedicated application.

A disappearance mode is used

Says the founder of Facebook, “It was a huge technical challenge to make sure that all of your messages and content were synced correctly across all devices, even if your phone was running out of battery, but we have solved this problem and can’t wait release it soon! “

The manager also used this interview to address some new features that should be appreciated as well. So if it is already possible to activate the disappearance of messages in a certain thread of the discussion, this idea could be globalized to all exchanges. “We are in the process of using ‘Disappearance Mode,’ which enables messages to disappear from all of your discussion threads to make your WhatsApp experience short-lived,” says Mark Zuckerberg.

Likewise, with the “Show once” option, you can send content and make it disappear once the person has seen it. We don’t have a precise schedule for deploying these options, but we can imagine the work will be well advanced by the time the Facebook boss commits to it.

As a reminder: WhatsApp was initially affected by a controversy about the handling of personal data. The competition and especially the signal and telegram applications, whose download numbers have increased exponentially, benefited from this.

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