his box with fiberglass costs 9.90 euros per month (Bbox Fit)

Is your internet connection not fast enough? Are you paying too much for your box? So much frustrations to make you change your internet box. This weekend there is an exceptional offer at Bouygues Telecom. You can enjoy its high-speed fiber optic for only 9.99 euros a month until Sunday evening.

Check out what Bouygues Telecom has to offer

Bouygues Telecom is one of the best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) out there. With 4.2 million Bbox customers, it positions itself as a benchmark player in the segment. It continues to attract thousands of subscribers with quality offers at reasonable prices. As part of a limited offer, it highlights its Bbox Fit formula for less than 10 euros for the first year.

A very competitive selection of boxes

Bouygues Telecom is an ISP that fulfills all profiles thanks to a series of 3 formulas: Bbox Fit, Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym. The first is the least complete of the three, but it is also especially the cheapest. However, it is one of the most popular of the range because it responds to the principle of the Internet box: to offer a connection at an interesting speed.

Before deciding on a box, you must take an aptitude test on the Bouygues Telecom website. By entering your postal address, you will find out whether you are eligible for fiber optics or whether you have to be satisfied with ADSL. In both cases, a formula is available until Sunday for less than 10 euros per month.

If you can use the internet box with fiber optics, you have the unique opportunity to cut your bill drastically. You can enjoy a very fast connection (300 Mbit / s download and 200 Mbit / s upstream) and unlimited calls in France for 9.99 euros per month for the first year. In addition, the usual tariff will be charged again (29.99 euros).

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Check out what Bouygues Telecom has to offer

ISPs often offer a cheap plan for the first year. In classic times, Bouygues Telecom offers access to this Internet box for 15.99 euros in the first year. So here you save a lot at an unbeatable price. Compared to the basic amount, you save 240 euros (12 × 20 €) with this limited offer.

If you want to use an excellent network and fiber optics, it will therefore cost you less than 120 euros in the first year. In return for this significant financial outlay, Bouygues Telecom asks you to commit for the first year. You can cancel after 12 months if you do not like the price increase.

Effective support

Whichever box you choose from Bouygues Telecom, the ISP offers exceptional support at all levels. It is impeccable from the subscription to the Internet box to the point at which it is canceled. The first thing you need to know is that it supports up to € 100 cancellation fees. For example, if you start at a competing ISP for Bbox Fit, it won’t cost you anything.

Once you have subscribed to the Internet box, Bouygues Telecom will immediately send you a 4G box that will allow you to enjoy Wi-Fi a few days after your subscription. This allows you a guaranteed internet connection while you wait for your box to be installed. The latter is delivered retrospectively with quality support (despite competitive prices).

In the end, you get a premium product without paying too much. It is worth remembering that, for the first time this year, Bouygues Telecom is offering its Internet box for less than 10 euros. It really is a great deal that you won’t find better anywhere else. You only have a few hours left to take advantage of this special offer, don’t wait any longer.

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Check out what Bouygues Telecom has to offer

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