PlayStation unveils 7 new VR games

Now it’s official, a new version of PlayStation VR is coming to PS5 soon. Meanwhile, Sony has no plans to ditch the first version of its PS4 headset (PS5 compatible) and continues to offer new games. After announcing six titles earlier this year, the company has just released a list of seven new games that will hit the market in the coming months.

Arashi: Castles of Sin (Summer 2021)

The first game is therefore Arashi: Castles of Sin. This is an action game where you play as Kenshiro, an elite shinobi warrior and the last surviving son of the noble house of Arashi. Discover castles in feudal Japan that have been captured by a horde of ruthless bandits. Your mission will of course be to regain control of the castles once and for all!

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey (2021)

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Puzzle Bobble! To celebrate this event, a new opus will appear on PS4, PS5 and in virtual reality on PSVR. For the first time in Puzzle Bobble history, bubble puzzles will now appear in 3D, offering new challenges that will test the minds of veterans and newbies alike.

Winds & Leaves (July 27, 2021)

Designed specifically for PSVR, Winds & Leaves brings players the world of gardening! You are surrounded by flower beds and wander through the green valley where you were reborn. Can you restore life to this world and prevent the coming disaster? Only time will tell when you let your forests grow, tree by tree.

After autumn (2021)

New preview of the game After The Fall. This game immerses you in a dynamic, immersive four-player co-op experience in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles inspired by the 1980s. In this “After the Fall” version, Los Angeles is now nothing but a field of ruins covered with ice. Almost 20 years after the Apocalypse, the city is haunted by cruel once-human creatures, the Snowbreeds, who have pushed humanity underground, where it continues its struggle for survival.

You play as Harvest Runner, one of the few survivors who dare to brave the cold. You have to help the survivors of the different shelters by eliminating the monsters from different areas in order to reclaim valuable resources for the lights and get better weapons to eliminate your enemies more easily.

Tailcoat (summer 2021)

New Fracked game trailer for a new dose of action. With your PlayStation Move controller you can move freely, whether it’s walking, climbing, ziplining or skiing down a mountain!

Wanderer (2021)

Are you ready to travel back in time? Discover an action game like you’ve never seen before with Wanderer. Imagine visiting Tesla’s lab to help build his universal energy system, or reliving the fateful day in 1969 when people walked the moon. Are you ready to change the past? Discover historical, futuristic and post-apocalyptic places, lost civilizations, times of war, the space race and the hippie culture of the 60s?

Sniper Elite VR (July 8, 2021)

Ready for a whole new Sniper Elite adventure? But this time in virtual reality? Designed from A to Z as an exclusive virtual reality title, while maintaining the authenticity that made the franchise so successful, Sniper Elite VR will be able to seduce all license fans from July 8th!

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