Ransomware is becoming a national priority

Last month, a hack by the cybercriminal group Darkside caused panic in the United States. The hackers deployed ransomware that successfully paralyzed the Colonal Pipeline network, which supplies nearly 45% of the fuel consumed on the east coast. We then experienced the beginnings of a shortage in certain places.

This event caused a real click on the spot. So much so, in fact, that the US Department of Justice has just made a radical decision: it is now giving the same importance to investigating ransomware attacks as it is to investigating terrorist attacks.

The government wants to arm itself against these threats

In detail, Reuters tells us that prosecutors across the country must now work with a task force that has just been created in Washington. The latter will centralize information for greater efficiency.

John Carlin, senior assistant attorney general in the Justice Department, quoted by the news agency, said: “This is a specialized process to ensure that all ransomware cases are followed up, regardless of where they are reported in the country, to establish links between to be able to establish the actor and go up the chain to protect the whole chain “.

As a reminder, Joe Biden had just signed an executive order to improve cybersecurity in the US last month. In particular, it aims to strengthen the exchange of information between the government and the private sector. Multi-factor authentication is also a rule for federal institutions.

Finally, the US President also announced the establishment of a Cyber ​​Security Review Council. This is where the prosecutors have to turn. Its working method is modeled on that of the National Transportation Safety Board. The latter is responsible for investigations in connection with road, aviation, maritime and rail accidents.

With this new device, the government hopes to be armed to face these threats, which are becoming more tangible and creating nuisance in the real life of Americans.

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