When choosing an application, security takes precedence over utility

Since last April, Apple has been providing the tracking transparency app as part of the update to iOS 14.5. This feature requires developers to obtain user consent when collecting and using their personal data for advertising purposes.

Previously, the Cupertino-based company had also put privacy labels in its store to inform Internet users about how applications use their information. Far from being anecdotal, these changes are part of a movement of money and could become apparent in the years to come.

Other results for France

We can indeed see a real evolution in mentality among users. In the past, these topics were of interest only to a handful of experts, but today they are at the center of the concerns of the general public. Many worry about essential issues such as respect for their privacy and the security of their personal data. We know that smartphones are increasingly the target of cyberattacks and that internet users are therefore vigilant.

This is exactly what a YouGov Institute poll in seventeen countries, including France, shows. As a result, consumers were asked which criteria were most important to them when downloading an application: convenience or security? Overall, the result is very clear, with 43% of users prioritizing security, while 36% are in favor of the app’s contribution in terms of functionality.

This is the area where the oldest users are most cautious. Younger people are determined to compromise when they can access a useful application for free.

The survey also enables comparisons between different countries. So we can see that French internet users always prefer interest over security: 38% versus 35%. However, the situation is very different in countries such as the USA, China and Spain, where the protection of devices has priority over the convenience of an application.

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