the 6 announcements expected at the Apple keynote

WWDC 2021 is fast approaching. This large annual meeting for developers of applications for Apple products will take place on June 7th, 2021.

The program is still completely unknown for the time being. Nevertheless, we can already guess what the main announcements of the event will be. Some recent rumors have also suggested some surprising announcements.

A few days before Apple’s keynote, we’ll give you a preview of what to expect. Here are the 6 most anticipated announcements at WWDC 2021.

iOS 15 and iPad OS 15

Probability: as safe as the earth is round / 10 (flatists in PLS)

HomePod mini next to the iPhone 12 mini © Citrus Juicer

The tension card doesn’t have to be played, there won’t be any. WWDC is traditionally the big party for iOS and iPadOS. Logically, Apple should therefore present the major innovations in its two operating systems.

iOS 15 is expected to mark a turning point in iMessage history. Apple wants to make WhatsApp a real competitor and could therefore present new features. A better management of notifications, a slightly revised control center and a strengthening of the protection of private data are on the agenda.

As for iPadOS 15, no major upheaval. Apple should essentially add the features of iOS 15. We still expect better management of widgets with more interactions.

macOS 12, watchOS 8, tvOS 15

Probability: he clicks there is / 10

© Lemon squeezer

Who will be Big Sur’s successor? Apple manages to keep it a secret, even though multiple names have come up. Mammoth? Monterey? Horizon? The riddle remains unsolved.

In the end, we just know that we don’t know about the next Mac OS. The successor to Big Sur shouldn’t revolutionize the genre, but it should bring a few practical features here and there. At least that’s what Bloomberg says.

The Apple Watch and Apple TV are also unlikely to receive major updates to the Watch OS and tvOS. The Apple Smartwatch should incorporate some tweaks to health data and the TV interface would focus more on gaming.

The homeOS surprise

Probability: under construction / 10

© Lemon squeezer

Apple might surprise with homeOS, a brand new operating system focused on home automation. Rumors recently sparked a job posting in which “homeOS” appears.

So far, Apple has spoken of software when describing the functionality of its HomePods. But they too could soon host their own operating system.

Thus homeOS would make it possible to control all connected objects in the house from new devices. For example, let’s imagine a connected speaker with a screen like Google’s Nest Hub.

Nevertheless, the job offer is still relatively new, which leaves little chance of seeing such a product presented at WWDC 2021. If it does exist, the project is certainly only in the first phase of construction.

New Macs with the M1X chip

Probability: we dream / 10

© Lemon squeezer

Apple rarely presents products at WWDC and prefers to focus its presentations on new software. After all, it is a developer conference.

However, it surprises him by for once, revealing a new device or two. This year all fans can expect new Macs with the second Apple silicon chip.

The rumors conjure up the presentation of a MacBook Pro 16 “and 14”, a MacBook Air and an iMac, all stamped M1X. Some even say that Apple could already launch new 13-inch MacBook Pro and higher-quality Mac mini with the new chip. We can always dream, right?

Apple jar

Probability: eyes bigger than belly / 10

© Apple

What if Apple unveiled its Apple Glass at WWDC 2021? While this remains unlikely, the idea isn’t exactly crazy. Firstly, because one of the official visuals shows a character with glasses that reflects applications.

Above all, WWDC would be the ideal event to present these networked glasses, as Apple could describe the new functions in detail and present the developers with a new world of work. Let’s wait and see.

AirPods 3

Probability: Steevie Wonder / 10

AirPods Pro ©

Will the AirPods 3 finally be revealed? One thing is certain, their announcement is imminent. On the one hand because the rumors have intensified in the last few weeks, on the other hand because Apple has just transformed Apple Music.

Its music streaming service can now stream tracks in high definition with lossless audio. But right now, none of its audio accessories (other than HomePods and AirPods Max) can stream music at this quality. The AirPods 3 would therefore be contemporary.

Still, Apple doesn’t typically showcase its AirPods at conferences. Traditionally, the American shares a simple press release. So there’s little chance we’ll hear about AirPods 3 during WWDC 2021. But you never know.

So much for the possible announcements planned for WWDC 2021. As every year, the Lemon Squeezer teams will broadcast the event live. You are therefore cordially invited to take part in this extraordinary evening.

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