A little advice from Steve Jobs to help you be more productive

We’ll never let up on Steve Jobs’ little productivity tips. On April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs founded what would become the world’s most valuable company 40 years later. Nobody can reach this level without having a flawless productivity strategy. Over the years, a variety of entrepreneurs have drawn inspiration from Steve Jobs’ advice on how to become increasingly competitive.

Contrary to what happens in most influential companies today, Steve Jobs was known for putting his wellbeing first. Naz Beheshti, who was Steve Jobs’ assistant, tells us how his boss managed to be as productive as he cared about his well-being.

Manage energy, not time

Naz Beheshti initially describes his boss as someone who “was extremely efficient and productive because he worked on his energy management and not necessarily on his time management”. For many people today, productivity means finding more and more hours a day to do more and more tasks. Some do not hesitate to take the hours devoted to sleep.

According to Steve Jobs, this is the trap. Productivity isn’t measured by the size of the dark circles under our eyes. Naz Beheshti explains: “Is your quality of work at the same level during these hours when you are supposed to sleep and get your body and mind going again? Normally you don’t give your best when you’re exhausted. “

In order not to get into this downward spiral, Steve Jobs had developed a strategy and his assistant has never forgotten it. Beheshti explains that his boss wanted to analyze the times of the day when he had the most energy. Realizing when he had the most energy during the day, Jobs shifted his main responsibilities to these niches.

So Steve Jobs’ advice would be to optimize your day based on your energy, not time. There’s no point in wanting to work longer and longer if you are not productive over time, it pays to make the most of the most energetic niches.

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