Acer says computer prices will go up

For about ten years now, PC sales have been steadily declining due to strong competition from new work tools such as tablets and, in particular, Apple’s progress with the iPad. However, you know that 2020 was a very special year.

The pandemic has pushed hundreds of millions of people to telework to limit contact as much as possible, thereby slowing the spread of the virus. Those who say teleworking often say buying equipment to recreate the surroundings of the home office. Not to mention the distance learning courses. Laptops have therefore seen a significant resurgence in interest.

In 2020, PC shipments rose 13.1%, increasing to 302.6 million units sold. Emmanuel Fromont, Acer President for Europe, Middle East and Africa, confided to BFM Buisiness: “The PC has returned to the focus of digital use. It might be buried a little quickly, but to work efficiently you need a PC. Demand has been strong across all sectors and in all of our markets: the general public, education and games, and fairly evenly around the world.

More efficient devices are preferred

Acer, whose sales increased by 80% in the past year, observed interesting behavior in the purchasing behavior of its customers. In fact, if the higher specs weren’t important in the eyes of buyers for a long time, it seems that by 2020 most customers will opt for a more efficient computer, even if it means more spending.

Consistently, Emmanuel Fromont declares that PC sales should decline this year as they were remarkable in 2020. However, Acer’s EMEA president would like to point out that a price increase is to be expected.

He explains to BFM Buisiness: “Yes, prices will go up and have already started to go up. This is inevitable as all upstream costs are rising very sharply: raw materials, component prices, labor costs (shift work / security measures), logistics (air and sea transport costs have exploded). How much is hard to say as it depends on the products, but the average increase will be around 10%, even more so for monitors that are heavily dependent on tile prices. But the industry remains very competitive, so there will be no deadweight for manufacturers.

So it’s time to buy a new computer before it’s too late.

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