Donald Trump could return to Facebook ahead of the 2024 presidential election return

Donald Trump has been banned from Facebook and Instagram since last January and in the wake of the violent entry of his supporters into the US Congress. Unprecedented for an incumbent president, this decision was confirmed by Facebook’s board of directors last May. However, the latter made it clear that the company could not suspend the Republican indefinitely and asked him to impose a more precise sanction.

Trump says “insult” to voters

A month later, the tech giant made the decision. Mark Zuckerberg’s company announced on Friday that the former president’s account would remain blocked until at least 2023. After that time, the company says it “will turn to experts to assess whether the risk to public safety has decreased”.

In a blog post, Nick Clegg, Vice President of Global Affairs at Facebook, commented:

We know that any sanction we apply – or not apply – is controversial. Many people think that it was inappropriate for a private company like Facebook to suspend an outgoing president from its platform, and many others believe that Mr Trump should have been banned for life immediately.

For their part, the main interested party was outraged by this choice in a press release. It is, in his opinion, “an insult” to his constituents. “You shouldn’t get away with this censorship and this silence, and at the end of the day we’ll win. Our country can no longer support these abuses, ”says the billionaire.

It must be said that since his disappearance from most of the major platforms, the former president has struggled to make himself heard. He tried to start his own blog but preferred to stop the cost because the audience did not live up to his expectations.

As a reminder, according to information from The Verge, Facebook could end preferential treatment for politicians soon. Currently, their words are actually not moderated like a normal user.

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