Finally, FaceTime allows you to chat with Android and Windows users

That’s it, Apple has launched its WWDC conference where the company showcases its latest news. The star of this event is of course iOS 15, the new version of the iPhone operating system that will be released in a few months. And one of the new features in iOS 15 is a new version of the FaceTime app with a ton of new features.

One of the major new features is the ability for FaceTime users to chat with people using Android or Windows. No, Apple did not develop Android and Windows versions of its video calling app. Still, the Cupertino-based company will offer a feature that allows FaceTime users to generate a link that can be shared via email or messaging services.

You can create a link and share it with Android or Windows users. © Apple

And if the link is open on a non-Apple device, FaceTime will open in a browser window and still allow video chat. In other words, FaceTime comes through browsers on Android and Windows.

The ideal, of course, would have been for Apple to bring native apps to market, but better than nothing. Either way, this new option could encourage iPhone users to use FaceTime more often, given the ability to chat with friends who are using Android or Windows. Even if a user is using Android or Windows, calls remain end-to-end encrypted.

These links are also a great way to plan calls ahead of time, which could boost FaceTime professional use.

Spatial audio, speech isolation, portrait mode and SharePlay!

The ability to chat with Android and Windows users isn’t the only new thing Apple is bringing to FaceTime users this year. In fact, the company also introduced improvements to the video calling experience.

Spatial audio is one of these enhancements. Like spatial audio on Apple Music, spatial audio on FaceTime allows you to be more immersed in video calls and makes you feel like the person you’re chatting with is next to you.

In addition, Apple has also developed a noise cancellation feature. So if you are in a noisy place, you can turn this feature on so as not to annoy the people you are chatting with.

And for videos, Apple has developed a portrait mode. Like portrait mode for selfies, portrait mode for video calls blurs your background and makes your face stand out. FaceTime will also have a new group call grid view that might remind you of video conferencing services.

Finally, Apple will also offer a new feature called SharePlay. Essentially, this is a new feature that allows you to share content through FaceTime.

© Apple

For example, users can watch a movie together on one of the streaming services that support the new API for SharePlay (Disney Plus is an Apple partner). Users can also listen to music together or view a browser tab together.

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