For Bitcoin, the Twitter boss is ready to step down

Jack Dorsey, the head of Twitter, lives the fascinating subject of Bitcoin not only through his square business. This weekend in Miami, the entrepreneur, while hearing a conference entitled “Bitcoin 2021”, reiterated how important the topic was to him, unprecedented.

“If he needed more help than on Square and Twitter, I would be working on Bitcoin,” he announced. He added that he didn’t know if there was anything more important in his life to work on. Will he be ready to take the plunge? “Bitcoin changes absolutely everything,” he exclaimed on the microphone.

Already absent

Far from being in the top 10 or top 100 of the world’s greatest wealth, Jack Dorsey is at the origin of a real empire. His activity on Twitter and Square has taken a long time and means that today he can grow and take his place. The two companies weigh heavily in communication and finance.

Square in particular has the Cash app (a very popular American payment application) and physical payment terminals for small businesses. The publicly traded company is worth nearly $ 100 billion and competes with PayPal.

The entrepreneur does not seem to be very present and invested in his two companies. “He delegates most of the important decisions to his subordinates, partly to be able to indulge his personal passions,” said a journalist in a Wall Street Journal article in October 2020. Bitcoin is mostly mentioned as one of these “personal passions”. .

“The home currency of the Internet”

On the occasion of his speech in Miami, which also made it possible for Salvator to be the first country to offer the integration of Bitcoin as legal tender, Jack Dorsey took the opportunity to announce news for crypto enthusiasts.

The most important one concerns the investigation of the creation of a physical wallet to store his bitcoins, as offered by the French startup Ledger, known worldwide for its secure keys. On the other hand, there is no question of storing anything other than Bitcoin: “We are striving to make Bitcoin the home currency of the Internet,” he said in Miami.

Jack Dorsey also approached the specialized company Blockstream with Square with the aim of starting a new mining project with renewable energy on the Bitcoin blockchain. The park will be located in the United States and will only use school electricity to run the machines.

The message directly reflected Tesla’s comments on the digital token and the abandonment of the payment method for environmental reasons.

Bitcoin has the potential to create a new financial infrastructure that is more inclusive and empowering to underserved communities, added Jack Dorsey during the conference. For those who live in different countries around the world, people also see Bitcoin as a way to protect themselves from currency devaluation and expedite money transfers across borders.

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