Here are the 7 novelties that will change your iPhone

After Google and its Android 12, it was up to Apple to reveal the contours of iOS 15, the operating system that powers its iPhones, during WWDC 2021. After a thorough revision with the integration of widgets, Apple is refining an operating system that is always intuitive. iOS 15 is characterized above all by the integration of communication and productivity functions against the background of data protection. We identified 7 big new features for iOS 15.

FaceTime more powerful than ever

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While the health crisis has (somewhat) democratized teleworking, the means of communication have also changed. And it’s not Zoom’s bosses who are going to say the opposite.

No question for Apple to leave all the space to its competitors. FaceTime is completely transformed and becomes much more than a video application.

With iOS 15, FaceTime becomes a professional tool that can rival certain services like Zoom. FaceTime is available on all Apple devices and is also available on Android and Windows. The American now authorizes the sharing of a link (end-to-end encryption) and points to a browser in order to take part in a conference.

Better still, SharePlay allows you to share content live. For example, the same video can be viewed remotely. Disney +, Hulu, HBO Max and TikTok are among the first partners.

FaceTime is also improving technically. The application supports spatial audio, speech isolation (suppresses all ambient noise to capture only the voice) and portrait mode (blurred background). After all, group conversations are more visually clear.

More visual iMessage

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There have been rumors of a major overhaul of iMessage to make it a competitor to WhatsApp. We will have to wait a little longer before this happens.

First, because iMessage remains an exclusive messaging application for Apple products. Second, because the new features only entail visual adjustments.

Now shared content is integrated into a more graphical window. Whether articles from Apple News (not available in France), music from Apple Music, photos from the album or location on maps, their presentation is clearer and fully integrated into the news.

Focus: improve concentration

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Here, too, the rumors were true. Apple has well-developed features to improve our focus.

With Focus, “do not disturb” is no longer the only way to focus. iOS 15 now offers three more modes: Personal, Work, and Sleep.

For each mode, you can choose which applications can send notifications. The AI ​​can also identify them based on your habits or their relevance.

And best of all, when a user activates one of the modes on their iPhone, their iPad and Mac automatically switch to the same mode.

Notification Summary: Stop Notification Pollution

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This is arguably the feature that iPhone users will use the most. Notification Summary optimizes the notifications displayed on the main screen. Automatically categorized by the AI ​​according to their interests (productivity, messaging, photos, etc.), they also vary depending on the type of use selected in Focus.

This classification of notifications therefore makes them more ergonomic to use. The user, for his part, filters the notifications sent better and can then adjust the permissions for each application.

Live text: the killer feature?

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In keynotes, it is these functions that impress more than others. This is the case with live text.

This new feature allows you to interact with text written on real media on iPhone. For example, text written on a classroom blackboard can be copied and pasted into Notes by simply pointing the camera at the blackboard and selecting the text. And as if that wasn’t enough, Translate can translate it live.

Even better, the text that appears on a photo in an album can also be used. If the photo shows a phone number, you can call with a simple touch. Bluff.

Spotlight: It’s the details that count

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IPhone users know that Spotlight is the magic tool of Apple smartphones. With this integrated search engine, you can access any information, application or file in no time.

With iOS 15, Spotlight is even more complete. For each search, the information is presented in a larger and more complete interface.

For example, searching for a contact leads not only to their contact information, but also to their latest messages or photos stored on the iPhone.

Apple has also made extensive records of famous people. Enter the name of a famous actor and in a few seconds a full profile will appear on the screen with a brief biography, his filmography and some news.

Maps: 3D in the spotlight

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Apple fans will admit (if they’re not mad): Apple Maps is still a long way from reaching the level of Google Maps. However, Apple is catching up at great speed.

With iOS 25, Maps got even better. Apple is putting 3D in the spotlight, making its mapping application increasingly elegant.

Like Google Earth, the map has the shape of a globe. By zooming in, you can access a 3D world that is much more detailed than before.

These graphical adjustments are also displayed while driving. With the car you can distinguish between pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, demarcation lines etc.

Better still, Maps models streets for easier orientation. Handy on highways with lots of shoulder straps.

Finally, a night mode returns the driving experience … at night.

Certain features, such as the ability to get around on foot in augmented reality, are reserved for certain major American cities. A sign that Apple still has some way to go, as Google Maps is already integrating this option in large, medium and small cities around the world.

But still ?

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When we have detailed the major new features of iOS 15, the new iPhone operating system will have other minor features.

In addition to strengthening the security of private data, Apple has made some adjustments to home applications.

Wallet can now integrate keys (house, office or hotel room) for secure access.

Météo has also been completely redesigned to leave more space for graphics. The application is more visual and more complete with more technical information.

Finally, Memories (automatically creates albums in the Photos application) becomes more dynamic with the ability to link music (from Apple Music) to an animated photo album.

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iOS 15 will be available to the public as a beta in July 2021. Installation is now available for those with a developer account.

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