Here are the new macOS Monterey features Apple announced for WWDC 2021

Every year Apple hosts the WWDC 2021 Conference, a conference dedicated to all the latest news for developers. First, the Apple brand presented the update for its operating system for iPhone, iOS 15. She then focused on macOS by formalizing the latest version called Monterey.

What’s new for macOS Monterey?

One of the most important new functions of macOS Monterey concerns the introduction of the “Universal Control” – or (Universal Control) functionality. The latter allows you to manage several devices at the same time. For convenience, you can leave your Mac computer next to your iPad to control both terminals at the same time with a single mouse that handles a single cursor. This can be useful for a number of reasons, such as: B. As a drag-and-drop option for files.

The arrival of macOS Monterey also enables the officialization of the API called Object Capture. This allows 2D images to be converted directly into 3D objects. All you have to do is take a photo with an iPhone or iPad. This way you can see a 3D version in augmented reality.

We also note the novelty of the Shortcuts function, which makes it possible to automate tasks, it is perfect for saving time. Some are already available, all you have to do is activate them – without even having to set them up.

More generally speaking, macOS Monterey is also entitled to functions that also affect iOS 15.

Overall, the Safari browser is also entitled to some new features that are more specifically aimed at tabs. The color varies depending on the website you are visiting for an even more immersive browsing experience. It is also possible to create groups of tabs to make it easier to find your way around, to avoid the long list of open pages that you can quickly get lost in.

This new version of macOS may seem relatively light, but all of these updates are still noticeable and allow for more fluidity. And you, what is your opinion on this update?

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