of Apple employees are demanding more flexibility

Like many Silicon Valley companies, Apple had to adapt during the pandemic by relying heavily on teleworking, which allowed it to continue operations without putting employees’ lives at risk. But while in the US, thanks to vaccinations, a return to normal is taking shape, the Cupertino-based company is planning to return its employees to the office.

A few days ago, The Verge forwarded a letter from Tim Cook to Apple employees telling them that they should work face-to-face for at least the first three days of the week from September. This is a hybrid policy that is more flexible than Apple’s before the pandemic started. However, this does not seem to satisfy all employees.

In fact, in a new article published this week, The Verge is forwarding yet another letter allegedly sent to management by Apple employees to express their dissatisfaction with the Tim Cook announcement. These essentially require more flexibility.

“We ask for your support so that those who want to work remotely / flexibly can continue to do so, so that everyone can determine for themselves which working environment is best for them, their team and their role, whether in one of our offices At home, or a hybrid solution ”, one would read in this letter.

And to defend their cause, these employees recall the excellent results and everything Apple has achieved during this period of pandemic: “We’ve all been working remotely for almost a year, even though the experience would undoubtedly have been better minus” a pandemic . We have developed two main versions of all our operating systems, organized two complete WWDCs, introduced many new products, switched to our own chipsets and supported our customers with the same care as before. “

At Google, 20% of employees will still be able to telework

It should be noted that Google had also considered a similar hybrid model for all of its employees. But ultimately the company at Mountain View changed its mind and gave its employees more flexibility.

In a recent release, Sundar Pichai, the head of Google, stated that the company now expects 60% of employees to work face-to-face some days a week, while 20% work entirely from teleworking and 20% in person become daily.

“We also offer you the option to apply for a full remote position (outside of your team or office) depending on your role and the needs of your team. Before the pandemic, thousands of people worked in locations separate from their core teams. I anticipate these numbers will increase in the coming months as we expand into remote roles, including completely remote sub-teams, ”Pichai told Google employees.

It should also be noted that, for their part, Facebook and Twitter have already stated that any of their employees who so wish can telework indefinitely if the job permits.

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