The COVID-19 Vaccine, Your New Charm For Flirting On Dating Sites?

For a few months now, many countries around the world have been launching a major vaccination campaign to combat the COVID-19 epidemic. This is of course the case in France, but also in the UK, a country particularly hard hit by the pandemic, which has already given an initial dose of vaccine to more than 40 million people. So many people who will be able to use a new argument of their choice … on dating sites.

The vaccine, the ideal new resource for dredging?

In fact, a survey conducted by YouGov shows that no less than 31% of users of dating sites (Tinder, Meetic, etc.) prefer to meet someone who has been vaccinated. In addition, a little less than 30% categorically refuse to meet a person who has not received the slightest dose of the vaccine.

So, to the benefits to be proudly displayed on your profile or description, you have to add the fact that you are vaccinated in the hope of getting a few extra appointments. In the UK, it is also possible to show your support for the national vaccination campaign publicly in order to receive certain bonuses on dating sites.

Showing publicly that you are immune to the virus (thanks to the vaccine) would therefore make it easier to “match” on the various dating sites. As early as late last year, Tinder said the number of people who said they had been vaccinated had increased by almost 260%. Keep in mind that the latest restrictions in force in the country should be lifted on Monday June 21st.

Remember, a few weeks ago Tinder introduced a new feature that is not about increasing the number of meetings or retouching your photos, but rather stimulating your conversations.

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