the European alternative to WeTransfer that respects your privacy

Would you like to exchange files with your relatives or colleagues in a relatively simple way? You don’t want to go through the giant in the field, WeTransfer? Or do you just find this option too limited? SwissTransfer is undoubtedly a solution that might interest you.

While it’s still a little unknown in the French-speaking market, we’ve seen that it has many advantages to offer. What’s more, it’s a completely free solution (which WeTransfer doesn’t). In the following we offer you a complete presentation of SwissTransfer.

SwissTransfer: a secure and sovereign file transfer system (based in Switzerland)

SwissTransfer may not be known in France or even Belgium, it is a file transfer solution that has already made it possible to exchange more than 4 million pieces of data every month. And that number continues to grow!

What makes this solution different from the competition? The first thing we noticed was that the solution was developed in Switzerland and that the data is only stored in data centers on the Geneva side. Everything runs through Infomaniak, the company that founded SwissTransfer. So you have a sovereign solution in front of you in the heart of Europe.

In addition, the interface for adding files and generating a share link is clear. With a few clicks you can choose the files you want to share, then all you have to do is email them (by filling out a form) or simply generate a share link.

In terms of features, SwissTransfer is: the ability to send up to 50 GB of data at once and encrypted, a service accessible without registration, up to 500 transfers per day, the sharing of links that are valid for 30 days (or less) if you want) plus password protection. It is also possible to install an extension on Firefox and Chrome to share files faster and faster.

What about advertising? Respect for private life? Infomaniak, the company behind SwissTransfer, is obliged not to analyze, pass on or use any data in its own name or on behalf of third parties. Respect for your privacy is one of the main concerns of the company. Likewise, you will not find any advertisements on the page dedicated to the file transfer service.

The solution is financed through Infomaniak paid products. This includes web hosting, backup solutions, NAS, online storage …

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An alternative to WeTransfer that benefits from getting known

Why could it be interesting to use SwissTransfer instead of WeTransfer to transfer larger or smaller files? There are a few good reasons.

If we compare the free offer from WeTransfer with SwissTransfer, we find that the latter solution is much more complete.

As already mentioned, you can, for example, upload and share files with a size of 50 GB (compared to 2 GB with WeTransfer) and protect the whole thing with a password for 30 days (compared to 7 days with WeTransfer), set an expiration date for the shared link, everything free of charge. As a reminder, the latter options require you to use a paid plan if you prefer WeTransfer.

To clarify, here is a table that compares the two solutions and shows that SwissTransfer is an excellent alternative to WeTransfer.

Table comparing the two free solutions © Infomaniak

Who is the company behind SwissTransfer?

The company behind SwissTransfer is Infomaniak, a renowned cloud provider in the hosting industry with more than 25 years of experience.

Infomaniak is an independent, unlisted company owned exclusively by its founders and employees. We are thus far removed from the pattern of the large corporation that wants to make profit at all costs at the expense of its users.

To get back to the topic of data centers where your files are stored and shared, Infomaniak has made a number of environmental commitments. This includes 200% compensation for CO2 emissions and the use of 100% renewable energy.

It is noteworthy that, in addition to the SwissTransfer service, Infomaniak has initiated other solutions such as a free messaging service ( and an online storage solution (kDrive).

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