TikTok recovers your most sensitive private information, but you certainly don’t care

A few months ago, ByteDance was fined $ 92 million for violating certain privacy and biometric data collection rules in the United States. At that time, ByteDance agreed not to use TikTok to collect biometric information from users, “unless specifically stated in TikTok’s privacy policy and in accordance with all applicable laws”. Can you guess the rest?

TikTok more transparent than ever when it comes to data collection

In fact, the publisher of TikTok just updated the application’s terms of use in the United States. So instead of reducing the data collected by the application, the social platform decided to play the transparency card by clearly explaining the type of data that can be retrieved from TikTok.

The text explains in part: “We can collect information about images and sounds that are part of your user content, such as: the type of sound and text of the words spoken in your user content. ”

In other words, TikTok can now legally collect things like the user’s voice, the shape of their face, in addition to their location, the device they are using … “explains ByteDance. Data that is used to create video effects, but also to moderate the content, create demographic statistics or even advertise in a targeted manner.

Note that only the US TikTok platform Terms of Service have been changed for now. Remember that all social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat …) already collect a lot of private data from users who have simply accepted the latter, often without knowing it, as nobody reads the terms and conditions they offer generous…

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