Universal Control, the incredible novelty from Apple that will change the way we work

While the week for developers has just started in Cupertino at Apple’s headquarters, the Apple brand used a conference this Monday evening to chain software announcements for both iOS iPadOS and macOS.

After Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president, inspected the new software for the iPhone and iPad, he gave an amazing demonstration. By placing a MacBook Pro next to an iPad, he managed to switch the mouse from one screen to another with remarkably fluidity. A new feature called Apple: “Universal Control”. The latter makes it possible to connect the two devices like never before, with the user being able to switch from one to the other according to his wishes and needs.

But the demonstration doesn’t stop with simple mouse movements. In fact, Apple goes even further. This makes it possible to use your trackpad (or mouse) on the iPad and a MacBook at the same time, but also with an iMac, whenever it is close enough to the other two devices. During his demonstration, Craig Federighi managed to navigate between the three devices, select files from the iPad and pass them on to the iMac, with the mouse pointer crossing the screen of a MacBook Pro to reach the front row seat of this digital spectacle.

From iPad to MacBook Pro to iMac in One Touch

If Apple did not want to go into the technical details of this new feature, it appears extremely promising, since the possible uses of this “Universal Control” are diverse. So during his brief demonstration, Craig Federighi selected a file in the heart of the Procreate application on his iPad before moving it straight to the heart of a video montage on the iMac that was a few dozen inches from the Apple tablet.

Using the keyboard of the MacBook Pro, it will also be possible to open notes directly on the iPad, simply type them and even use the Spotlight search bar on Apple tablets, which was previously reserved for the Mac.

Left completely under the radar of leaks and other informants, Universal Control arrived on the stage front on Monday and surprised the little world of Apple. This new feature is expected to appear with updates for iPadOS and macOS, the beta versions of which are already available to developers. For the general public, we have to wait until autumn this year.

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