With Focus, Apple wants to help you stay focused

WWDC 2021 will take place tonight. Apple uses this annual event to showcase many new features, you still have the opportunity to follow the conference live. Much of the announcement concerns the iOS 15 update, the latest version of the operating system for the iPhone. If the Apple brand has unveiled some features related to their FaceTime and Messages applications, it doesn’t stop there.

As part of WWDC 2021, Apple presents Focus, a new function that can be useful for those who have difficulty concentrating. If the latest iOS version already made it possible to reduce the risk of disruptions at certain times of the day and night, this option goes even further.

Focus to get only the notifications you want

Focus offers you the option of setting up a notification filter system according to your activity. What inconvenience to avoid when, for example, at work you have a task that you need to stay focused on. In practice, therefore, you can choose to only receive notifications from contacts related to your work by selecting this mode. In addition to the latter, there are also the options Do Not Disturb, Personal and Sleep (with personalized times). The sound of notifications is then reduced by artificial intelligence. Thanks to iCloud, it is possible to manage the settings directly on all of your Apple devices.

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If you activate the new focus feature, the user who sends you a message may be notified that you have activated this feature – this is the case in the Messages app. It’s a nice improvement on Do Not Disturb knowing you can still get urgent messages.

Subsequently, Apple also proposed a new notification management to show the information that is most likely to interest you in the correct order. The summary of this does not include messages from your friends.

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