You won’t find your ex on Tinder anymore

To further refine its dating application, Tinder just announced a new contact blocking feature. Now users cannot view certain profiles by blocking their phone number.

This, of course, aims to exclude the profiles of people we know and from whom we have the phone number. It is not possible to block strangers. The goal seems clear: Tinder doesn’t want you to fall on the profile of your ex, friends, family, or work colleagues.

If you choose to block a number, the process goes both ways. Your profile is not visible to these people and their profile is also not visible on your smartphone. The feature is available to everyone, regardless of which free or paid plan you have subscribed to.

Tinder, which works with registration via phone number, Facebook profile, or Google, does not allow you to block contacts other than through your directory. Social profiles are not allowed to close a profile. You therefore need his phone number.

One final important clarification: The blocked contact will not be informed of your decision and you will not know whether someone else has blocked you as well. The functionality is confidential.

In this context, Tinder asks for access to the entire directory of your contacts – all numbers can be blocked, even if they are not registered with Tinder. It is not possible to find out which people in your contacts actually use the app.

For a healthier use

The introduction of this new feature was led by a study commissioned by Tinder into poor profile viewing experiences. According to her, more than 40% of respondents had met an ex-partner on a dating application when they were 24% to confirm having seen the profile of a family member, colleague or even a “teacher”.

At the same time, strangers remain at the center of the application’s strategy. A new service called “Vibes” makes it possible to open the conversation more easily and naturally, while at the same time bringing together profiles with more precise and nuanced characteristics than the algorithm originally proposed.

The arrival of contact blocks on Tinder is also a great first, marking the old features fully incorporated in the context of a pandemic. The application seems to be well on its way to preparing for the return of more traditional uses, physical encounters and the resulting need for safety and comfort.

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