5G has only just started, but China is already thinking about 6G

In France, 5G has sparked a heated political debate. Nevertheless, the new generation of cell phones is well established in France. But even if this new network is not yet working optimally, some are already thinking about the rest.

This is exactly the case with China, which is considering adopting 6G. An industry association supported by the government of the Middle Kingdom has just published a white paper on the subject. It highlights the contributions of this new technology, especially in terms of speed, which can be up to ten times faster than 5G networks.

Europe is also trying to move forward on this issue

Very ambitious in terms of research, China is hoping to bring this technology to commercial market by 2030 to overtake the US on this issue. Taking over leadership is also designed to be one step ahead of the potential economic impact of 6G. The innovations mentioned in this whitepaper are significant, especially in holographic communication, sensory connection, and even intelligent interactive communication.

Note that China is nowhere near the only one trying to move forward in this area. We know, for example, that Europe is not neglected in the Hexa-X research project led by Nokia. The French companies Orange and Atos are also joining this initiative. The aim is to “identify the unique 6G practical cases and scenarios, the development of basic 6G technologies and the definition of a new architecture for an intelligent matrix that integrates the essential technological 6G activators”.

For its part, Samsung has also done a lot of work. The South Korean tech giant is literally selling a dream and hoping 6G will hit the market in 2028 before mass-marketed in 2030. The company believes speeds could peak at 1,000 Gbps and 100 microseconds latency. From a usage perspective, the company finally cites the example of streaming in virtual reality at 16K.

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