Apple is preparing a new app for Android

In the past, Apple has made no effort to accommodate Android users. The Cupertino-based company is even doing everything it can to lock down its iOS ecosystem as much as possible. So far there are only 4 apps developed by Apple in the Play Store: Apple Music, Migrate to iOS, Apple TV and Beats.

When Apple announces the release of a new application for Android, it is almost historic. This is the case today, as the Cupertino company will offer Android users the ability to localize AirTags via an application developed for this purpose.

AirTags for everyone

Last April, Apple finally presented its AirTags. These small trackers from the Cupertino company are intended to make it possible to find everyday objects such as keys or a backpack. Apple justifies its wish to develop this application for Android users with the fact that it is a protection against unintentional geolocalized tracking.

Since the AirTags were launched, there have been concerns about the possibility of being tracked without knowing it. Recently, Apple updated its AirTags to combat this risk. With this update, the AirTag can react faster if it is tracked by a non-associated iPhone and thus emits a tone.

Apple has not given any details about technical compatibility or a specific start date. The Cupertino-based company only said that the Android application would be available before the end of 2021.

Apple, which made a host of other interesting announcements yesterday during its WWDC 2021 keynote. Whether at the level of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey and many other subjects. So that you can quickly find out about all these announcements, we have summarized in detail everything that was said in Cupertino yesterday.

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