Apple Watch measures your breathing rate while you sleep

Even though Apple’s WWDC star is iOS 15, Apple hasn’t forgotten the Apple Watch. During its keynote, the Cupertino-based company also presented watchOS 8, the new version of its operating system for watches. And while Apple is waiting for the next Apple Watch, probably with new sensors, Apple is introducing a new feature for monitoring health and well-being: measuring breathing rate while you sleep.

“So far, people with an Apple Watch have successfully achieved their sleep goals by setting up a bedtime routine and recording data such as sleep duration, heart rate, and sleep frequency. watchOS 8 provides more health information thanks to the monitoring of the breathing rate during sleep, i.e. the number of breaths per minute, ”says the company Cupertino.

To measure the respiratory rate or the number of breaths per minute, the Apple Watch uses the built-in accelerometer. The results and trends are then displayed in the Health app on the iPhone. In addition, this information can be used by third-party applications (with the consent of the user) through the HealthKit tool offered by Apple.

Additionally, those who use the Apple Watch to track their workouts are excited to learn that watchOS 8 also supports two new types of workouts: Tai Chi and Pilates. These measurements use motion algorithms as well as heart rate.

Apple Watch integrates the connected home better

But of course, the Apple Watch doesn’t just track health and wellbeing. And for those who have connected devices for the home, watchOS 8 brings new features to home automation.

In fact, Apple will offer a new version of the home application. “In watchOS 8, the new design of the home app makes it easier to access accessories and useful scenes at any time of the day and enables you to control the accessories room by room. People with an Apple Watch and a HomeKit-compatible camera can see who is ringing the doorbell right from their wrist, ”says Apple.

Note that Apple has only presented new software at the moment. But usually the company should also introduce the new version (s) of the Apple Watch later this year. And right now, rumors are circulating of the arrival of new sensors to monitor health and wellbeing. The company would actually develop a new sensor to monitor blood sugar levels and another sensor to monitor alcohol levels.

Right now, Apple is still the leader in connected watches. However, the market could become a little more competitive. In fact, Google finalized the Fitbit acquisition this year. And recently, during his developer conference, he announced an alliance with Samsung to merge its WearOS platform with that of the Korean giant.

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