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The war. War never dies. In 1997, Black Isle Studios offered players the first part of the Fallout saga. A PC role-playing game (role-playing game) set in a post-apocalyptic universe that resulted from an atomic bombing on October 23, 2077 that decimated most of the planet.

One of the main strengths of Fallout is that it has a very sophisticated universe. Depending on the opus, the action takes place in the XXII. and XXIII. Century. The games have a unique retro-futuristic style with an abundance of items and weapons worthy of the best sci-fi movies. We find a graphic style influenced by postwar culture of 1950s America.

Since 1997, the Fallout saga has been taken over by Bethesda Softworks and published no fewer than nine games for PC, Mac, consoles and smartphones.

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Fallout, the global nuclear conflict

© Bethesda Softworks

How would the world have turned out if the Cold War had lasted another fifty years? This is the starting point for the Fallout license. It all begins at this historic point of divergence, where the conflict between the United States and the USSR lasted into 2040/2050.

From 2060 the earth will lack resources and the conflict will escalate. The USSR loses the Cold War and collapses. The US colonizes Canada. The People’s Republic of China is attacking Alaska. A new world war breaks out.

At the same time, an American company was created: Vault-Tec. The latter specializes in building nuclear bunkers with the aim of saving the population in the event of a nuclear disaster.

© Bethesda Softworks / Vault-Boy, the emblem of Vault-Tec and icon of the Fallout saga

Long before the nuclear war, Vault-Tec began populating its shelters. The idea is to make the highest bidder believe that they are privileged. That thanks to Vault Tech they have the chance to survive, that it is better to be born, to live and to die in emergency shelters. This manipulation aims to bring different individuals together and conduct numerous social and scientific experiments to better define tomorrow’s society.

With Vault-Tec, players discover Vault-Boy, the company’s emblem. This blonde character with his shelter outfit becomes iconic and will be known in the video game even to gamers who do not know the universe of Fallout. This central protagonist appears in all works in the saga. He is the face of Vault-Tec and serves as a guide for the survivors by giving them lots of tips on how to survive inside the Vault, but also outside! It is important to state that Vault-Boy is only represented in videos or photos and does not exist in real life.

How did Fallout become a cult license?

Since the release of the first opus in 1997, the Fallout license has been seducing gamers. The game is set in 2161, 84 years after the nuclear disaster. The player plays a resident of Vault 13, who is chosen as the first “lucky guy” to discover the outside world.

Immediately we realize that the title has all the codes to become a cult video game license. The player develops in a devastated world where nobody can be trusted. The few existing cities and villages consist of salvaged goods and are often unsafe. The threat is omnipresent. The world has returned to the Stone Age with virtually nonexistent technology (other than weapons).

Many places are still radioactive, so the player should pay attention to their radiation exposure. From the first minutes we immerse ourselves in a realistic world that will immediately shape us. We only have one wish: to begin our journey into this fascinating world, to survive and build a new civilization.

© Bethesda Softworks

The universe and atmosphere of the games are amazing and manage to captivate players. The possibilities are numerous and make the immersion very realistic. We love to evolve, survive, discover unusual places and surprising communities in this world that are trying to rebuild themselves across America. The universe of Fallout is so addicting that instead of following the classic storyline, we spend hours walking around exploring the map, locations, and socializing.

© Bethesda Softworks

After a few years of calm, the saga celebrates its big comeback in 2008 with a work that marks a major turning point. After the bankruptcy of Interplay and the liquidation of Black Isle Studios, it is now Bethesda Softworks that owns the license and develops Fallout 3. The game dispenses with the top view in isometric 3D, thanks to the engine of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Fallout then becomes a phenomenon, a must for RPG fans. Against black humor, the title offers exciting quests with a lot of paperwork in which players can spend many hours. Main missions to full second degree side missions, with certain tendentious passages, Fallout is a mature game that offers a rather unusual journey.

Every Fallout is entitled to its share of outstanding protagonists. Whether humans, animals or even robots, the inhabitants of the wastelands are a great strength of the universe.


The success of the series reached new heights. Logically, Bethesda Game Studios announced a partnership with Amazon in 2020 to bring the license for the Fallout TV series to the Prime Video streaming platform. A good opportunity to introduce this cult universe to new people who are not used to playing video games but who will undoubtedly be captivated by the universe of the saga.

Fallout 76, Rebuilding America … Together

© Bethesda Softworks

In 2018, Bethesda released Fallout 76. This time it’s about uniting online players to rebuild America. Like The Elder Scrolls Online, the game features the entire Fallout universe, but in multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, the first few months will be quite complicated with bugs in the game that make the experience quite uncomfortable. Many early fans who are very attached to the “solo” side of the saga are not won over right away.

After a difficult time, Bethesda Game Studio is not giving up and will be very responsive to the community. The studio will be offering lots of free updates to fix the issues, but also new content that players will request.

© Bethesda

To date, Bethesda has released seven major updates since the game was released in November 2018. The goal was to fix bugs, fix some rules and injustices compared to PVP (Player vs.

With Wastelanders, the third update available since April 2020, the studio has integrated NPCs (non-playable characters) that allow players to have fun on their own. However, connection to the Internet remains mandatory, but players can string individual quests together and make their adventure as if they were playing a new rate of fallout. It is still wise to surround yourself well for some missions that get complicated even with a good level! Even in desolate countries, mutual help is always an advantage in order to move forward!

© Bethesda Softworks

Today, Fallout 76 and Bethesda have managed to meet player expectations and offer a stable game that allows them to be played alone or with others. The adventure is far from over. The publisher enriches the game with new content and features every year. This year is no exception to the rule, with the arrival of “Reign of Steel” (Summer 2021), “The worlds change” (Fall 2021) and “Tales of the Firmament” (Winter 2021).

Thanks to the many updates that have been released since the game was released, Fallout 76 is undoubtedly the most complete work of the saga, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the atmosphere and universe of the license. Whether with the various sights, the weapons or the bestiary, every Fallout fan should be spellbound and find everything that has made the license so successful.

If you’re new to this cult license, Fallout 76 is the perfect introduction to this rich and immersive universe.

Discover the latest fallout

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