Soon a “real” Call of Duty on our smartphones

The giant Activision has decided to take the mobile video game seriously as the group recently created a new entity: Activision Mobile. Various job vacancies are available on the Activision website, in particular to integrate this new studio dedicated to the development of games for smartphones and tablets.

A real Call of Duty AAA signed “Activision Mobile”?

Obviously, Activision’s appeal to the wireless market is not new, as group CEO Bobby Kotick pointed out in February 2020 that it is “the largest gaming platform” and that the company is considering turning down its flagship licenses on smartphones and Tablets. We already have Call of Duty Mobile, we will have a specific Diablo Immortals soon, to name just one, but we should find Warcraft in the mobile version soon too

The announcement reads in part: “Our first project is a new AAA title for mobile devices in the Call of Duty franchise and we are looking for very big talents in the world of phones, consoles and PCs who are passionate about their work and ours Share belief in what AAA mobile experiences can and should be. We’re incredibly excited to bring our teams together and get to work, and we invite you to join us in creating something special.

Of course, we will have to wait a little longer to discover Activision Mobile’s projects (whose studio has not yet been formalized), but no doubt the company will take advantage of the exuberant E3 / Summer Game Fest to proudly present its upcoming news for the Call of Duty License.

The current Call of Duty Mobile currently has hundreds of millions of downloads and has remained one of the most popular (and profitable) games on mobile since it was launched two years ago. Remember, Battlefield is set to hit smartphones very soon too.

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