This new feature from Facebook could embarrass Apple and Google

Today, the focus of debate is on Apple and Google’s commissions for Android and iOS user payments for apps. This is especially true for Apple, because the 30% commission it charges on player transactions is even the origin of the legal dispute between the Cupertino company and Epic, the developer of Fortnite, in the USA.

Like Epic, Spotify and other developers, Facebook also rejects these “taxes” levied by the App Store and Play Store. In addition, Facebook protested in 2020 when it launched its paid live streaming feature (so that artists can be paid for through virtual concerts, for example).

And on Monday, shortly before Apple’s WWDC launch, Mark Zuckerberg announced on his Facebook profile: “To help more YouTubers make a living on our platforms, we will be adding paid online events, fan subscriptions, badges and, our upcoming free news products for independent developers through 2023. And when we roll out revenue sharing, it will be less than the 30% that Apple and others are taking. “

A new feature that Tim Cook may not like

The Facebook boss not only criticized the 30% commission from Apple and Google. The number one social network will also have a new feature that will allow creators to know all the sums that will be taken from the revenue from their content.

“We’re also introducing a new payment interface so creators can see the impact of fees and taxes from different companies on their income. More soon, ”said the Facebook boss. YouTubers who organize paid events online can see which amounts for Apple and Google commissions have been deducted from the income from their content via the payment systems of the App Store and Play Store. The table also shows the tax amounts levied.

Either way, this new feature risks poisoning the relationship between Facebook and Apple, which is already in conflict due to the anti-tracking feature on iOS. In addition, during its WWDC conference, the Cupertino-based company presented a new feature of iOS 15 that enhances privacy protection: a kind of dashboard that shows users how often the permissions of apps (like Facebook) have been used.

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