Examples of RFID components

The shape of the transponders is depending on the application as well as it determines the size, how big the antenna has to be and what kind of range should be covered. When it comes to designing a transponder there are no limits regarding color, shape, material etc. The bigger the size of the antenna the longer the reading range or less energy is needed by the RFID reader to receive the signals.

RFID transponders as UHF -SmartLabel and HF-smart label used in logistics and maintenance

In the field of logistics RFID could play an important role in future. The technology could replace the existing EAN-128 barcode. For now the prices for the transponders are rather expensive, if a company is only looking for a barcode replacement. But the interesting part begins if more and more companies are using the technology and whole supply chains are equiped with RFID,  then the investments will pay of.  Tagging goods on article base is not very common, because of the tag price, but pallets are a good start.  In respect of european laws and the need of tracebility tranponder technology should be integrated into current business processes in different branches especially food and pharmaceuticals as soon as possible.

RFID-Transponder: Labels, Keyfobs and discs


Besides extremly flat transponders as we know them from books or cases used for EAS (Electronic article surveillance) there are some more shapes of transponders. More examples can be found in key cars for the central locking systems. These systems using a RFID glass capsule inside the key. If you buy an animal like a dog or cat it probably already has a RFID tag implanted. Live stock identification on big farms is done with RFID transponders like ear tags, glass capsules or an RFID bolus. 

Different shapes:  RFID transponders integrated into a glass capsule used for animal identification
RFID ear tag to identify cattle

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